Enyimba Shopping Mall, a shopping wonder in Aba (WATCH VIDEO)


Enyimba Shopping Mall, a shopping wonder in Aba

Enyimba Mall Shopping Outlets (under construction)


The Chairman of Checkbest International Limited, and the sole sponsor of the Enyimba Mall project in Aba, Abia State, Mr Chiedozie Njoku, has described the ongoing construction as the next shopping wonder in the history of Abia state.


In an interview with Rose Jonathan of Casat TV, he described the project as one anchored on the vision of enhancing the shopping experience of shoppers within and outside Abia state.

The construction of the Mall kicked off in 2018 and has since then been progressing rapidly. According to the information released by Mr Chairman, the project is nearing completion as work is in progress to complete it before November 2020.

The Mall sits over 10,000 acres of land and is expected to accommodate a mini filling station, corporate offices, park benches, management halls, shopping complex, convenience rooms, etc. Other features of the Mall will include a personalised WiFi connection, steady water supply, spacious parking spaces, adequate power supply and air conditioned hallways.

Mr Njoku explained that the construction of the Mall would facilitate progress in commerce and industry while creating more jobs for capable dwellers.

He therefore urged all lovers of innovation and good things, to come over to the Mall and secure a slot for business.

In a closing remark, he explained that although the project is a Public Private Partnership, the project is fully owned and sponsored by Checkbest International Limited.

He urged other businessmen to take advantage of the intensity of the labour force in the state and the huge return on investment it possess, to establish businesses that would assist the government in generating revenue.


He also advised all and sundry to assist the government in nation building as his company is doing in fixing the bad spots of Danfodio road, Aba.

Pictures of Enyimba Mall Shopping Outlets (under construction)

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